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This page is intended to provide a list with all the smartwatch companies and manufacturers, those who are currently active and manufacturing smartwatches as well as companies that according to predictions will join the smartwatch industry.

I also provided you with links to relevant source and links to the company’s official page. The smartwatch company list is not complete and is being updated on an ongoing basis, so visit us often tobe updated with the latest companies and their latest smartwatches which are introduced to the market.

First Smartwatch
Available Devices
i'm SpAi'm Watch on April 26, 2013www.imsmart.comi'm watchi;m developer
i'm watchAn Italian smartwatch company founded by Manuel Zanella and Massiemiliano Bertolink in 2011. A company that is dedicated to create stylish and advanced smartwatch devices.

Their first product was the i'm Watch that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Allows you to recieve incoming messages and filter incoming phone calls. Other services include i'm cloud, i'm Driod smartwatch operating system, i'm market app store and i'm music app.
Sony CorporationSony SmartWatch on January 12, 2012 (CES 2012)www.sonymobile.comSmartWatch, SmartWatch 2Proprietary apps
sony smartwatch 2The first SmartWatch was introduced in 2012 and on June 25th 2013 Sony has released the SmartWatch 2. The SmartWatch is an Android-compatibl watch that can exchange information with your smartphone. Allows you to read SMS, emails and social network messages. Support installable add-on to exptend the smartwatch functionality.
Pebble TechnologyPebble E-Paper watch on April 11, 2012getpebble.comPebble E-Paper watch for iPhone and AndroidProprietary apps
pebble watchStarted as a crowd funded project on kickstarter on April 11 2012 until Mayb 18 2012. A project lead by Eric Migicovsky, the founder and lead developer of the Pebble smartwatch. The project raised $10,266,845 from 68,929 backers and became the most successful kickstarter project ever.

The E-Paper has a monochrome display, with the ability to customized it with watch faces. It connects to the Android or iPhone smartphone via Bluetooth, have a vibration mechanism and the ability to extend its capabilities using installable apps.
Neptune Computer Inc.Neptune Pine on January 21, 2013www.neptunepine.comNeptune PineCompatible with all Android apps
neptune pine smartwatchNeptune founded in Motreal, Canada in 2012. The company works on innovative rpdocuts that combine advaned technology along with fashionable design. It's first smartwatch was the Neptune Pine, a revolutionary smartwatch that runs on highly modified Android platform and act as smartphone using a micro-SIM card. The Pine runs on dual-core processor, has front and rear facing cameras, Wif-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, headphone jack and can run any Android app. This might be the first smartwatch that can, for some people, actually replace your smartphone device. The device is to be released in Fall of 2013.
Filip TechnologiesFiLIP on July 1, 2013www.myfilip.comFiLIPN/A (closed system)
Filip kids smartwatch in greenFounded by Sten Kirkbak and the CCO of Filip technologies. Current CEO (7/2013) is Jonathan Peachey. Sten got the idea to develop this unique watch when his lost his 3-year old son for 30 minutes.

The Filip watch is a niche smartwatch products designed for kids. Allowing parents to keep track of where their kids are and contact them. The watch also allows the child to contact his parents and trigger an emergency button in case of trouble. There is also an app for iOS and Android that works han-in-hand to provide all the advaned functionallity of the watch. More info on Filip watch here
Nutshell Electronic Co., Ltd.GEAK Watch on June 17, 2013www.igeak.comGEAK WatchCompatible with Android apps
geak watchNutshell Electronics, a company which is a subsidiary of Shanghai-based company a subsidiary of Shanda Networking Co., Ltd - which is Cina;s largest interactive digital content provider. The company was established in 2009 by a young group of people.who strive to bring cutting-edge technology products to the market.

The company also manufactures its GEAK phone smartphones, the GICK ring and other products - among them is the GEAK Watch. The GEAK watch is an Android 4.1 based smartwatch, featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and many built-in sensors including a heart rate sensor. It offers OTA OS upgrares and fully support Android apps and extensions.
Secret Labs + House of Horology (as written on Kickstarter)AGENT on May 21, 2013 (Kickstarter project)www.agentwatches.comAGENTProprietry apps
agent smartwatchThe company finished raising funds via Kickstarter crowd funding by June 20, 2013, raised $1,012,742 USD from 5,685 backers. What we know about the watch is that it will enjoy world-class developer tools (.NET micro Framework and Visual Studio), will have unmatches battery life, Qi wireless charging, motion and light sensors, fail-safe recovery modes, run apps, will offer two-way communication to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 smartphones

For the full specs and information about the AGENT smartwatch visit their kickstarter project page
MetaWatchSTARTA on July 27, 2012www.metawatch.comSTARTA, FRAMEProprietry apps using MetaWatch SDK, a static library wof iOS CoreBluetooth framework and MetaWAtch Remote Message Protocol. Will also be available for Android soon (check out the dev site for updates)
metawatch strataMetaWatch is a privately-held company with main focus on reinventing the watch. The company have offices in Dalls Texas and Research and Developement (R&D) center in Espoo Finland. Their smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

The company founded by Bill Geiser and David Rosales, that formely led the technology devision for Fossil and working on connected watch platforms since 2002.

Their STARTA smartwatches wear a classic design and use durable materials. They use Bluetooth to communicate with Android and iOS (iPhone) devices, allowing you to check messages, filter calls, control the music player, etc. Their STARTA and FRAME smartwatches are also waterproof (5 ATM / STARTA - 3 ATM FRAME).
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (trading as Foxconn Technology Group)iPhone-compatible smartwatch revealed (via).
A Taiwanese electronic contract manufacturing company founded on 1974 by Terry Gou. The company is well known for manufacturing the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, PlayStation 3 and other devices.
LG Electronics[predicttion:via]
Apple[Predictions: iWatch]
Dell[predictions: via]
KreyosKreyos Meteor (indiegogo crowd funding project) (the project page on indiegogo - redirects from Meteor
kreyos meteor smartwatchKreyos is another company that also wants her piece of pie in the smartwatch industry. The company already raised $744,111 as for the time of writing. Their new smartwatch dubbed "Meteor" will have Bluetooth, 1.26 inch LCD screen, will be compatible with iOS, Android and WP8, water resistant up to 5 meter, etc. More info can be found on their website.
Google[predictions: via]
Microsoft[predictions: via
VACHEN Co., Ltd.VACHEN Smartwatch on April 25, 2013 (Kickstarter crowd funding project)www.vanchenwatch.comVANCHEN Smartwatch
vachen smartwatchStarted as a kickstarter project by Won Rhee whic is the CEO/predent of VANCHEN USA which currently foccuses on smartwatch development dubbed VANCHEN. The company raised $110,128 from 485 backers for the project on The projects successfuly reached its goals and the watch is under development. More information can be found on their website.

Their VANCHEN smartwatch will run on Android OS Gingerbread, will have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1.54" 240x240 single touch display, accelerometer, water-resistant and vibrating motor. It allows changing watchfaces (100+), connecting to an Android or iPhone smartphone, read alerts, messages and notifications, etc.
ConnecteDevice LtdCOOKOO on May 23, 2012 (a kickstarter project, present first at CeBIT 2013)www.cookooCOOKOOProprietry apps
cookoo smartwatch blueThe cookoo watch started as a kickstarter project. During a 45 funding period the project raised $305,393 from 2560 backers. The project started by Peter Hauser. The company behind this produts ConnecteDevice Ltd specializes in designing and developing technology products and services in the accessories field. Their first smartwatch is called COOKOO connected watch. The smartwatch was designed by award winner Xvier Houy. The COOKOO is a Bluetooth smartwatch that can be customized using the COOKOO APP on your smartphone. This allows the watch to show incoming calls, Facebook messages, Twitter tweets, show you when you are low on battery on your iPhone or iPad device and remote control your iPhone camera as well.

The smartwatch is compatible only with Apple devices, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPod touch (5th generation). The COOKOO APP can be download via iTunes.

Unlike many other smartwatch, the watch does not recharge and run on a standard CR2032 Lithium battery.

The companies first COOKOO smartwatch won the A'DESIGN PLATINUM AWARD for 2013.
Oregon ScientificSsmart Traineroregonscientific.comSsmart Adventurer, Ssmart Trainer (for the list of all sport watches check this pageN/A
ssmart trainer watchOregon Scientific is a creator of electronic products. Their products combine modern design with cutting-edge technologies. The company was founded on 1989 in the US. The company is known for its Sport and fitness, telecommunication and watehr station products. They also sell a wide range of sport watches, stopwatches and designer watches.

Their Ssmart Trainer smartwatch is a great smartwatch for epople who workout, including pedometer and heart rate monitor to optimize your training. It wirelessly connected to BT 4.0 enabled Apple mobile devices and can supports download excercise profiles, has built in motion sensors and it's compatible with BLE sports accessories.
Sonostar Inc.Sono on May 21 (on CTIA 2013)www.sonostar.comSonoN/A
sonostar sono smart watchSonostar Inc. founded on 2005 in Taiwan. The company is well known for its Gold GPS devices ( and entered the smartwatch business in 2013. The company has experiene in designing and manufacturing technology gadgets and exporting it to the global market.

Their first smartwatch Sono is an elegant E-paper that connects to Android and iPhone devices allowing to monitor calls, read messages, remote control music and sync data between your watch and your mobile device.

Sonostar have experience in gadget for golfers, and it also added a 'Golfing' app that is powered by Sonostar own golf GPS database.
Magellan Navigation, Inc.Echo on July 23 2013www.magellangps.comEchoN/A
magellan echo smart watchMagellan Navigation was founded in 1986 and its headquarters is in Sanra Clara, California.Magellan was the first to release a commercial handheld GPS receiver in 1989. The company main expertiese is in GPS-related devices.

On July 2013, Magellan introduced its first smartwatch for runners named "Echo". The company also has its Switch series watches, but they can't connect to a smartphone.

The Echo can display real-time ata from fitness apps, remote control fitness apps and music, use very little power and it's rugged and water-resistant.

The Echo is compatible with iPhone 4S / 5 and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible Android device.

SilverPlus, Inc, / Martian WatchesMartian Passport on August 16, 2012 (a kickstarter project)www.martianwatches.comPassport, Victory, G2GN/A
Martian watch blackSilverPlus, Inc company founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Hsieh and Dennis Kwan. An Irvine, California-based company. The company is known for its SilverCare Personal Safety Alert device and system-on-chip Bluetooth wireless system which was the world's smallest when it was first produced.

More people joined the company to develop the the Martian Watch , which was their first and successful attemp to get into the smartwatch business.

Started as a Kickstarter crowd funding project, the company raised $221,298 from 1,212 backers and successfully funded its project.

On Aprial 29, 2013 - Martian Watches won the Edison Award for technology innovation. The Martian Passport Watch has a slick elegant design, made os stainless steel and fire-retardant resin backplate and scrath-resistant glass. It has an Japanese analog quarts movement. and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone device.

The Martian smartwatch looks like an ordunary timepiece than a smart watch. It's not advanced as other smartwatch, doesn't have touchscreen but It has a small LED screen below the analog watch to show you who's calling, show text messages and notifications, and the most important, to make and answer phone calls using its built-in mic with noise-cancellation and speaker.

The Martian watch is compatbile with Android and iOS )iPhone) devices.
Orsto LtdX1orsto.comX1, Plus+Compatible with Android apps
Orsto Plus+ watchOrsto Ltd is a small company based in Durham England, founded by Paul Gill which is the company's current Chief Design Engineer. The company's first smartwatch was the X1 that was started as a indiegogo project but didn't reached the based goal of raising 22,608 pounds.

The Orsto Plus+ watch is the second attempt for the company to create a next-generation smartwatch device.
PH Technical LabsHOT Edge, Classic, Basic, Curve on July 31, 2013 (kickstarter project), phtl.comHOT Edge, Classic, Basic, CurveProprietry apps using C language. Need to be compiled using HCC compilters and uploaded to the watch using an iPhone or Android app.

More on the HOT Watch SDK here
Hot watchA company that strive to solve problens using innovative solutions and the HOT watch is one of those products with unique patent-pending feature that allows your to make private phone calls using a bio-mechnical solution. The company is based in Plano Texas in the US.
HyetisHyetis CROSSBOW Earlybirds Special Editionwww.hyetis.comHyetis CrossbowProperietry app using their SDK.

More info here
Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch thumbnailHyetis is a Swiss company based in Genève. Their first. IT introduced its Crossbow smartwatch, according to the company: The first and only Swiss-Made smartwatch as of the time of writing. Uses grade 6 Titanium backa and case with 41MP camera and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The company focus on high-quality smartwatches, as its Crossbow smartwatch costs $1200. It features NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Note: This smart watch company list is being updated on a regular basis. I did my best to provide you with accurate data as  possible. If you find data that is not correct, please drop me a line in the comment sections on one of the post so I can update the data ASAP. Thanks.

Phone & Smartwatch editor.

Many companies are joining the smart watch industry. Some of them are popular large corporations like Samsung, Sony, Apple or Google, others are startup companies and privately-held companies that are trying their luck in this competitive business.

When the large corporations will release their smartwatch products, it will be harder for the small companies to still be competitive. Yet, as we’ve seen with the FiLIP kids smartwatch, there is plenty of room for innovation and even niche categories to flourish in. No doubt that the year 2014 will be the year of the wearable smart gadgets, whether smartwatches,  Smart glasses or Smart wrist bands.

The smart watch industry will get to be even more exciting. We’ll get to see many different types of smart wristwatches that are both innovative (in terms of technology) but also stylish and elegant by design. Companies give a lot of attention on the design of the watch rather than just focus on improving the hardware.

To stay up to date with the latest smartwatch companies, don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit us again on a regular basis.

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